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JUICES FOR HEALTH is a website whose primary mission is to promote excellent nutrition information to the general public through its nutrition newsletter, articles and videos. Nutrition information needs to be conveyed to adults to set the proper examples for their children’s healthy eating. Child nutrition can be seen as the “blindspot” of parents today, and our children are paying the price.

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One of the road blocks for many of our kids is their poor nutritional habits and these poor habits are often modeled and reinforced by their parents.

Today nutrition is recognized as one of the major health determinants. The intellectual, academic and physical outcome of our children hinges on good nutrition. And the earlier we start in a child’s life the better. Since risk factors track into adulthood, it is essential that we intervene early in life to formulate good health habits that will last a lifetime.

Parents need to be educated consumers. It is not as simple as to placing an artificially flavored fruit juice plus other sugary edibles on the breakfast table for your children and thinking that they are getting a nutritious start to their day. Noted nutrition experts feel that it is whole foods especially fruits, vegetables, and grains that pack the disease preventing, “wallop”. Our public schools need to develop curriculum materials that will reinforce good nutrition habits for our kids or at least invite qualified nutrition experts to give workshops to parents on the subject. Perhaps if we have more exchange of information we can cut down on some of the symptoms which are characteristic of attention disorders (ADHD) that have become so prevalent in our schools.

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But what constitutes good nutrition can be confusing for some parents. Fast food, high fat, sugary snacks, and sweet drinks have become popular today and often have taken the place of nutritionally balanced meals. And children are certainly not getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diets. Nearly 80% of children and adolescents fail to consume the recommended fruits, vegetables and fiber on a daily basis. And because of our fast paced world, adults are experiencing similar problems with their diets.

Good nutrition is important to good health, and eating plenty of fresh, raw fruits and
vegetables every day is critical to good nutrition. Researchers continue to find
elements in fruits and vegetables that seem to strengthen our immune systems,
impede the development of degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer, and contribute to good health in many other ways. Our nutrition newsletter speaks about these points and encourages good health through healthy eating starting in early childhood as a means of prevention.

Unfortunately, most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, especially every day. Those we do eat tend to be overprocessed, overcooked, or too far removed from the field, and thus lack much of the nutrition provided by fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and grains.

Noted nutrition experts tell us that our children should be getting 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. But few of the kids or their parents have the time to take advantage of the optimal levels.

Our good health is very important to us and reinforcing healthy eating through whole food based nutrition utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables along with other nutritious foods are key.