Smoothies and fruit juices are a "fresh" threat to health, US scientists warn?

Carrot juice, lung cancer?

Scientists say possible damage from naturally occurring fructose in seemingly healthy beverages will be overlooked All of them look fresh, tasty and healthy, but have you asked yourself are they really that healthy? Here we have a quick overview around this subject. What we can tell you now and for sure, is that fresh juices Read this story >>

Is a vegan diet really healthy?

Avocado - Vegans Fat...

As you know, if you have been around long enough, there is never ending "battle" going on regarding vegan diets VS paleo (or just meat) based diets. In my opinion, these days. vegan diets can be, and are as healthy as any other meats based diet. The biggest problem we've had with plant based diets Read this story >>

Sorry Vegans: Meat Eating Made Us Human!

Paleo, Meat and Evolution

In the event that you'll need a large brain, you will want more than vegetables Science doesn’t give a hoot about your politics. Believe global warming is a fraud or that vaccines are harmful? Doesn’t issue, you’re incorrect. Something similar is true of veganism. Vegans are certainly right when they say that the plant-centered diet Read this story >>

Fat lot of use: Only thing people lose on Celebrity diets is CASH, blast top nutritionists

Kim and raw juice fasting

It's like with everything, the easiest way doesn't mean the best and most effective way but hey! If they want to spend tone of money that's their business. CELEBRITY diets followed by stars like Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow have been dubbed a complete waste of time by nutritionists. "Teatoxes, green juices, clean-eating, diet pills Read this story >>

Are Green Juices Wholesome or Just Hype?

Within recent years, juicing has morphed from a unique tendency in the healthful living neighborhood right into a national obsession. Today, everybody speaking about juice cleanses, aloe vera juice, and green juices. At home juicer revenue are sky rocketing while juiceries are dispersing across the nation like wildfire. @VonShef yes please! I have a green Read this story >>

Tahini Choco Beaney

Banana Tahini Juice

Fairtrade Raw Cocoa Powder 1 tablespoon Tahini 1 tablespoon Manuka Honey 2 teaspoons Banana 1⁄2 (ripe & peeled) Almond Milk 250ml Ice Cubes 1 small handful Tahini Bo-Beaney This is “Truly Simple” to make! Just add all the ingredients to the blender and whizz-up until “Smoothly Scrumptious”. Best Served... when you feel like indulging in Read this story >>