Veganism rising among health-conscious consumers?

Yoga and vegan diet? Great idea!

As a section of the vegetarian people that is bigger, how many vegans is growing fast. Vegans—those who eschew eggs, dairy and honey, as well as seafood and meat — make up almost a third of all vegetarians. “But as a section of the bigger vegetarian people, how many vegans is growing considerably more fast.” Read this story >>

Healthiest RAW VEGAN meal?

Is a vegan diet healthy? As a registered nutritionist, the question “Is the vegan diet healthy?” is one I get on a regular basis, particularly at this season. Frustratingly, the solution is the fact that this will depend as much on that which you take in as with any diet. Someone living only on prepared Read this story >>

Green Start Juicers... TOP-NOTCH!

crrot and parslay

Greatest juicers 2016 – top juicer reviews and comparisons! Juicing is an essential part of a super-healthful lifestyle. The fresh juice of a fruit or veggie combo abounds in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that in many cases are ruined when produce is cooked or processed. This can be among many wonderful advantages of utilizing Read this story >>